Sunny and Nate

October 30, 2012

I love road trip weddings. One of my favorite things in the world is getting up before sunrise, taking my coffee to go, bundling all my camera gear into my dark little car, and setting off to have an adventure. In the early morning with a long drive to to a strange destination I feel like the infinite possibility of the day are laying out ahead of me, winding with the road. I get all the time in the world to imagine what I’m going to find; to day dream about art and love and how cool it is that I get to photograph someone’s wedding. I get to explore random roadside cafes for breakfast and stop for pictures as much as I want. It never fails to give me a little thrill of independence.

Sunshine and Nate got married out on the Olympic Peninsula one foggy friday afternoon. I love the location; the drive through Olympia, Aberdeen, and the long road winding through the national forest. They got ready at the beautiful Lake Quinault Lodge.

Everyone was busy when I got there (early!) finishing up the final touches on the dress and doing hair and makeup.

When everything was finally done we drove out to a trail head and the whole wedding (all 13 of us) hiked out to a 1500 year old cedar tree where the ceremony was to be held.

The bride got dressed on-site and everyone stood or sat at the base of this fantastic tree. The ceremony was beautiful–intimate and inclusive. Everyone got to participate by reading a blessing for the couple. We even had some Friday hikers stop by and cheer.

Sunny and Nate were so cute and their family was so supportive. We got to play around with portraits and got a great shoot of everyone that was there.


At the end of the day the bride tossed her found objects bouquet, everyone toasted (the tree got some Holy water) and we all hiked back together to the lodge and to share a meal.

I love weddings that are creative and who’s location and ceremony are meaningful to the couple. I’ll love to go out to the Olympic Peninsula all the time! Congratulations my friends!


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