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Shandra and Tom

November 30, 2012

All I have to say about this one is….STEAM PUNK WEDDING!!!!!! So Much Fun!

Photo Booth!

Tagaris Winery

Their first look!

Of of the most fun weddings ever! Congratulations to a great, creative, sexy couple!


A collection of highlights from the last 6 months

February 5, 2009

As a general rule, I don’t blog about weddings. They are their own separate entity, tons of fun, lots of work and really different from what this blog is trying to showcase. I did about 25 weddings in about four months and sadly failed to post any of my other work in my blog. There is so much delightful stuff I could show you from the last 7 months or so, so much to catch up on! I can’t unfortunately cover everything I’ve done in this modest blog, but I can give you some highlights 🙂


(perhaps one of the reasons I haven’t been posting is my inordinate obsession with tango…Way to much dancing in the last little while. These are my most recent pair of tango shoes, and I’m almost scared to wear them, they’re so pretty. This has become a favorite photo recently, inspiring jealous death threats, shoe fetish flavored teasing, and even a dance related photography job offer)


This is a photo I took for The Stranger, back before they stopped hiring contractors 😦 I thought this photo was so funny, both because of the difficulty of making chicken-fried-steak look appealing and also because of the lucky grab shot of the guy in the background. That guy is actually my dad, and he posed for fun, not intending me to actually take the picture. Beware! ye unsuspecting. For a week his photo was on the cover of the food section of the Stranger!


A friend and I organized a boudoir shoot just a couple months ago, mostly for fun and advertising material. We learned a huge amount and had a lot of fun.


We loved our models and felt blessed to get to photograph girls with so much personality and joy.



I also had a great time photographing Jasmyn, an aspiring model who introduced me to Point Defiance Park…



The shoot was fantastic, and we got some great stuff, but it was actually snowing on us the entire time we shot. Needless to say, we made frequent car ‘warm up’ trips throughout the afternoon.



And Finally, I spent on long summer day doing photos for Derby Salon  , getting to know their stylists and having fun with about 10 different models and looks.






The shoot reminded me how nice it is to have professional makeup and styling, and now I’m working on my own collection of makeup artists and stylists to work with. Thanks Derby!